"Krusty Katering" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season ten. In this episode, Mr. Krabs and his crew cater a fancy party, but they might be out of their depth with their new wealthy customers.



Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward start to cater Billy's birthday party for kids. Patrick is the clown and tries to make a balloon animal for the kids. It turns out to be a giant ball of tied-up balloons. Patrick tells a kid that it is a rock and the child flies away with the balloon. Mr. Krabs tells Squidward to go give the kids their Krabby Patties, which scares Squidward because of the many germs that the kids have. One of the children sneezes on the patties and Squidward is disgusted by this especially when the other children eat the patties, causing him to throw up.

SpongeBob is seen as a bouncy house, while the kids hit a piñata (which looks like Plankton, but bigger). The birthday kid intentionally hits Mr. Krabs with the bat, instead of the piñata, causing money to fall out. Mr. Krabs angrily asks if he looks like a piñata as the kid confirms this and leads the other children in a charge causing Mr. Krabs to run. A child wearing spiked shoes appears, causing SpongeBob to tell him to take them off, but the child ignores this, making him burst.

The Krusty Crew realizes the kids are too wild, so Mr. Krabs throws the birthday kid (who appears in his shirt, demanding his cake) as his crew make a break for it.

As the four run away, they cross paths with Ms. Mildred, a wealthy woman who asks them if they are high class caterers she hired for a party. Mr. Krabs, seizing the opportunity to make money, states they are (despite SpongeBob's protests) and uses Squidward's ink to make them fancy tuxedos. Mildred pays them with a large check and when SpongeBob questions Mr. Krabs' motive, the latter silences his employees by threatening to return to the chaotic birthday party. He then has them prepare for the party.

The crew is mesmerized by the fancy sights and people as Squidward remarks that the high class wouldn't believe their food is appetizing. Mr. Krabs agrees and sends SpongeBob out to fancy the food, which he goes off to do. Krabs then looks around to see what people they are serving just as the birthday child appears in his clothes again, demanding his cake. Mr. Krabs then gets rid of the kid again when SpongeBob appears with Patties with gems embedded in them. Mr. Krabs questions this and the fry cook reveals he found a chest of gems to fancy the food, causing Mr. Krabs to admonish him for his actions of stealing as SpongeBob apologizes and tells him (in a complicated manner) where he found them.

Patrick serves the patties to the people but after eating one of them himself, he goes on wild streak and starts eating the patties reserved for the guests. Squidward spots a band performing for the party and after stealing the clarinet of one member, decides to join them. However, his terrible playing causes the other members to run away and, oblivious to his lack of talent, he pursues them.

Meanwhile, Mr. Krabs tries to return the gems SpongeBob stole as the birthday child appears once more and threatens to light a series of fireworks if he is not given his cake. Krabs takes away the fireworks and reprimands the child for his dangerous actions as the child realizes his actions and then affectionately hugs him. However, Ms. Mildred calls Mr. Krabs, who throws the birthday kid down a laundry chute, and informs him of Patrick's actions. He promises to look into it after completing his original assignment.

SpongeBob tries to stop Patrick from eating the food, causing a chunk of it to fly into Squidward's clarinet. After he blows it out the chunk hits a guest, resulting in a food fight between them.

Mr. Krabs finally arrives at the room SpongeBob got the gems and finds the birthday kid hopping on the large waterbed. He tries to stop him but his pointy feet cause the bed to burst, leading to a large flood.

During the food fight, Ms. Mildred tries to calm her guests but is caught up in it herself. Mr. Krabs runs from the large rushing of water as Mildred chases him for his actions but she is swept away by the flood along with SpongeBob and the guests. Mr. Krabs trips on a chunk of patty, which launches him in the air above a chandelier and ignites the fireworks he took from the birthday kid. Krabs is shot out of the mansion as Squidward and Patrick flee behind him as the flood follows them.

The birthday kid is shown surfing on Mr. Krabs' check just as he is hit with his birthday cake while Krabs is upset about his check's location and Ms. Mildred (who while hopping in the SpongeBob bouncy house) complains about her party. The episode ends with SpongeBob laughing at the events.